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“The Bullpen”

Guided hunting experiences for a fraction of the price

The bullpen is designed to come through late and get the job done.  Our bullpen will be able to help us fill pits and make piles on a moments notice.  Throughout the season, Major League Hunts always seems to have one or two empty seats on our guided hunts.  

Bullpen members will hunt for free whenever we have empty spots in our pits/blinds and will also receive a discount on additional guided hunts.  

“Designated Hitters”

Heavy hitters looking to make a pile when the birds stack up

Our designated hitters will be the first people on call when we have an excellent shoot lined up. Whenever we have weather or feeds in our fields, the designated hitters will receive the first notifications and have the opportunity to get in on some of our best hunts.

Designated hitters will not only receive early communication on upcoming shoots, but will also be able to receive discounts on their hunts throughout the season.