Our Team

At Major League Hunts, we pride ourselves on always providing the best services possible, and that would not be possible without our amazing team.

Lucas Gilbreath

Owner andFounder

Major League Baseball player and avid hunter, Lucas Gilbreath, founded Major League Hunts to offer professional hunting and services for everyone to enjoy. He created Major League Hunts to build a community atmosphere, focused on finding the best fields, best properties and the best experiences. As an avid Sportsman, Lucas searches for top quality hunting in the state of Colorado. His goals are to provide a long-term foundation for Major League Hunts success while he continues to focus on his Major League Baseball career and finding time to hunt during the off-season.

Hunter posing with his hunting trophies

Nick DaSilva

Director of Operations and Head Guide

Nick has 26 years of experience hunting waterfowl in Colorado. He has gained a reputation for producing some very memorable guided snow goose hunts and always goes the extra mile to ensure his clients have the best experience possible. While he is our resident snow goose specialist, he also enjoys chasing ducks and dark geese as well. Nick is very passionate about teaching youth and new hunters everything he can about pursuing waterfowl in Colorado. If it flies and can be pursued legally and eaten, chances are he can put you on the hunt of a lifetime.