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The following Rules and Regulations set forth below are intended to make your experience with Major League Hunts as memorable and professional as possible. Not only for your own enjoyment, but for our landowners and partners. Please look over and have a complete understanding of what each policy represents. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  1. ABC Rule #1 –     A – Assholes will not be tolerated.

                              B – Be respectful to everyone and Landowners

                   C – Consider our Rules at all times. 

As a member, you agree that if any of the above ABC rule violations occur by you, your family member(s) or your guest(s), Major League hunts has the right to terminate your right to use any property or service at any time with no refund. No questions asked or given. 

2. Season package sharing is valid September 1 st through June 1 st of the following year. Exceptions for fishing only, which may be year-round for designated packages.

3. Each Member is responsible for all communication, payments, and Visitor administration to Major League Hunts. Regarding Big Game, Members will be responsible for Big Game hunting reservations, proper licensing and payments and harvest reporting to Major league Hunts.      

4. It is the policy of Major League Hunts to define a member as a person(s) who shares in the property leases available to Major League Hunts via landowners’ access and rights of use. Major League Hunts will act as the Land Manager of each lease assuring the Landowner is taken care of and the applicable game is managed to ensure that each member is rewarded with the utmost hunting opportunity. Major League Hunts will also provide the upfront Lease payment of such Properties only to be reimbursed by the membership. Such reimbursement will be not for profit.   Members are required to provide their own insurance policy for all liability coverage. Each Person(s) that enters into this agreement as a member, assumes their own risk of Liability. Major League Hunts does not cover members against Liability that could arise from the risk associated with Firearms and dangers of

5. Members can be either a single hunter or a family. Family is defined as – all members of an immediate family living under one roof, upon which Dependents ages are 19 years old and under. In the event a dependent is enrolled in school, then the age of thus dependent can be 22 years old or under. package members must accompany all family members. Any family member that does not fall under the definition of family will be considered a guest and appropriate fees and policies will be required.  An additional fee of $250 per family member using leases will be charged.

5. Treat Landowners as Family! (They are our best asset!)

6. NO Alcohol. NO Drugs while on any property – owned or leased.

7. Special requests may be made from time to time. From MLH or Landowners, you must honor all such requests.

8. Members must always carry identification while on properties. Vehicles must display MLH Badge on dashboard while using properties.

9. Guests – Members are responsible for all guests who visit Major League Hunt Properties. Members are responsible for payment of all guest fees. Guest fees must be paid prior to use of property. A Member cannot have more than 10 guests per year of which not more than 6 visits can be from the same guest. Guests apply to waterfowl and Dove only. Upland and Big Game hunts do not allow guests unless a guest is guided. Members will always manage guests and will be responsible for reporting guests to Major League hunts. If a Guest privilege is abused, the member will be charged double the guest fee and may result in immediate termination from any further use of Major league Hunt properties and services. Guest fees will be used to reimburse Major League Hunts for pit Supplies, excavation and unforeseen circumstances.

10. Members are responsible for removal of ALL trash you bring in or might find on the properties. This means SPENT SHELLS!! Leave the properties in better condition than how you found them.

11. Entering any Major League Hunt property for the harvest of Big Game or Fishing access without contacting major league hunts first could be seen as trespassing!  DON’T DO IT!

12. Don’t give out Landowner information or property access to non-members. Violation of this will rule may result in immediate termination from Major League Hunts with no refunds.

13. Parking will be in designated areas only! Or use your best judgement. Don’t leave ruts in fields; use designated routes into fields and out of fields. Use your best judgment, if a field is wet and damage to the field may occur, don’t drive in the field.

14. No guiding for money or compensation on MLH Properties unless approval from Major League Hunts.

15. Your guests are your responsibility, make sure they abide by all the rules. Violations will result in permanent exclusion from Major League Hunts.

16. Cancellations of any reservation for any reason will be the responsibility of the Member. Members must make every effort to cancel in a timely manner. Failure to cancel or attempt to cancel may result in a loss of future reservation or access. If guests are involved, guest fees will be applied if cancellation is not made 24 hours in advance. AirBnB rules regarding cancellations are to be followed per the AirBnB.

17. if a landowner or MLH finds any damages from a member(s) or Guests, members will be required to pay reasonable damages. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination and no refund.

18. In the event a member is terminated, the member will not be allowed to Hunt, fish, Lease or rent (directly or indirectly) on any land which Major league hunts owns or leases and/or the landowners owner or leases. Anyone found otherwise will result in a Trespassing charge.

19. Members are responsible for making sure ALL guests sign a release of liability waiver prior to use of any land or property. Guest waivers should be emailed or texted to Major League Hunts before activity begins.

20. Members must adhere to all state Licensing, rules, and regulations, harvesting and seasons of use as defined by the state’s department of natural resources or wildlife divisions. No exceptions.

21. Members are responsible for the care of all game. 

22. Weekly reservations will be each Monday. A member may reserve a property in advance (for the week) by emailing their request to The first email received after 9:00 am will be given the property requested for the week. This will continue until all emails are accounted for and properties reserved. Daily reservations will begin each Monday at noon and will allow members to reserve a property (if available) for the next day. Daily Reservations can be made on the MLH website. This will continue throughout the week until Sunday when Daily reservations will close. In the event during the week a field is open after 10:00 am, then a member is welcome to jump in the field, if MLH is notified, and you submit your reservation. No one can be on any property without a reservation. 

23. Reservations for Big Game and Upland are through Kirk only at Major League Hunts. Reservations and access will be limited due to the management of game. Just because we offer upland and Big Game, does not mean members are welcome to harvest animals whenever they want. 

24. Hunting on Waterfowl Properties will be six days a week unless notified differently. There will be no hunting on Monday’s unless an exception is made.  We encourage hunting only until 1:00 pm for Waterfowl, encouraging rest for the birds, but not mandatory.   

25. Pass Shooting will not be allowed. If a member is found to be pass shooting or it is reported, a warning will be issued. The second warning may result in immediate termination. 

26. Each member is responsible for identifying each bird shot. Party hunting is illegal and if you run into a Game and Fish Officer, you may be ticketed and fined if you cannot identify whose Birds are from which hunter. Make sure you can identify each bird you shoot.  

27. Safety and common sense go a long way. Please be smart and don’t do anything foolish or take risks. At a minimum, know the hunting regulations and respect the property owners who have given us the privilege of using their land. Failure to adhere to these simple rules will result in termination. 

28. Regarding family Partners, the member who signs below is signing on behalf of his/her entire family. Signing below also signifies that the member has the proper insurance on all family members. Thus, all rules shall be followed accordingly.

This document provides highlights of the rules and regulations of Major League Hunts, participating Land and Property Owners and Cavarra Guiding & Hunting Services. Major League Hunts may modify, amend or terminate any of the above-mentioned rules at any time, with or without notice. If there is inconsistency between this document and other Major League Hunt Club documents, Ownership opinion will govern.