Big League Features, Minor League Price

The Minor League Package offers an exclusive opportunity for avid hunters and outdoorsmen to experience everything the great outdoors has to offer.  From waterfowl to fishing, we have you covered.


Exclusive access to 10 of the best waterfowl properties in eastern Colorado. Properties include water, wheat, corn, grass, everything you might need for a great hunt.

Big game

Members will have access to over 40,000 acres of deer and antelope property in locations like: Ft. Morgan, Cheyenne Wells, and Whitney, Nebraska


Premiere access to two different trophy fishing sites in Colorado.  Members have the option chase bass, or get the fly rod out and chase trophy trout in Nathrop.

MLH Support

We treat our MLH members like family.  Members will have exclusive access to DIY hunt planning, preference point research, application services and even more

Minor League Package

10 Properties
15 Members

Quality properties without the price tag of paying the full lease. Water, wheat, corn, everything you might need to pursue the hunt.

Waterfowl, deer, and fishing possibilities included